About Ethereum


We assist those interested in buying, selling or trading the cryptocurrency Ether. 

In addition, we offer the ablity for you to register your own custom Ethereum .ETH domain names. 


To purchase Ether securely with Coinbase click here.

Click here to search the availability of your desired .ETH domain name(s).

To register your own custom .ETH domain name contact us.

Need help building a DAPP?  contact us.

For advanced trading, please visit



Are You Interested in Learning the Fundamentals of Blockchain in Paradise?

If so, consider attending Destination Dev's inaugural blockchain course in MedellĂ­n, Colombia 2018.  For more information, contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Ethereum:

What is Ethereum?

Is Ethereum related to Bitcoin?

What is Ethereum's currency?

What can I buy with Ethereum's currency Ether?

What is blockchain technology?

What is a smart contract?

How do I buy Ether?



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